A true mover and shaker; we’re talking about Coleen Richardson of Bliss Production. Coleen Richardson or “Queen Bliss” as many know her is the only female on the island of St. Kitts and as far as we know, the only female in the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis, that makes a living primarily from her career in graphic designing.

Her work, when set beside in the federation’s best, attains due attention because of its visual appeal.

Ms. Richardson takes her work seriously; how serious? She has a tattoo that reads “Bliss Production 4 Life.” While we wouldn’t go that far *laughing* it speaks volumes to her commitment. This is encouraging, not just to young ladies that also want to make their mark on the graphic design industry but to anyone involved in the industry to elevate themselves.

Now, we couldn’t feature Ms. Richardson without asking how she even got involved in graphic design. When asked, she shared that her interest grew as she spent time with friends that happened to be designers. She later tried designing for herself and after positive reinforcement and much effort she has evolved into a designer that is now well known in many circles.

With five (5) years of designing under her belt, Ms. Richardson has made some impressive strides. In addition to her company Bliss Production, she has been working as a graphic designer with Diego Spanner of Vivid! Media + Promo House Inc. since 2009.

When asked about future plans Coleen shared her intentions to acquire additional design skills in the other Adobe Creative Suites – The industry standard for creative design – whether through “on campus” or “online” courses. Her aim is to make a notable impact on the graphic design industry – internationally – and to at some point be regarded as one of the world’s leading designers.

In St. Kitts and Nevis, Coleen Richardson is the sole representative of women in the graphic design industry. She has made a name for herself in what otherwise is a male dominated and still very new career field in these islands; that is impressive.