“You are truly talented and gifted and I really appreciate your work.”

— Tricia “3C”

“Yes best looking graphic artist ever. Lawd father you blessed.”

— Ricki Richardson

“They cant take your title from u buddy!”

— Elvis Harrigan

“You one the most talented artistic an conscious people I ever met. An d only one I ever met with all three. Truly mean it.”

— Kareem “ragga” McMahon

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— Jahmiel “Jamaica Music Artist”

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“Loveeeeeeeeeeeee Your Work…”

— Sky Juice Juicy-Designs

“Good stuff”

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— Karissa Love St Kitts

“Big fan of your work !!! Great designs ….”

— O’leary Richardson

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— Sudeakka Francis Rhb

“Your work are real clean and hot”

— Rong RG Guy

“Yoh me sight dis poster and say bliss alone! It BAD! no it GOODD!”

— Phonse Rodney

“U r sick talented girl.. love ya flair”

— MaReesa Dawn

“Yo Bliss i swear u the hardes in this country! real talk.”

— Self Made

“Nice work. Very nice work”

— Gawain Fraites

“Nice work. very nice work. And if me and gawain tell you so… so…….lol”

— Wallis Wilkin

“Miss Bliss, sound like you have a great life. Once u in love with your profession. You should have a healthy life… The work is SOCA..”

— Tony Ible

“You go girl….. I am very proud of you.”

— Erasmus Williams

“Beautiful artwork..ur not just a cutie..I see you have talent too”

— Carl Fortune

“Bliss Production…nuff respect man”

— Travis Archetype Liburd

“BP 2 de wurl”

— Matthew White

“Very good work”

— Boris Johnson

“#Multitalented haha”

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“You’re really talented”

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“You got mad skills Bliss”

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“Yea Bliss is da best doing this period i am a happy client!!!!!”

— Slimz Mu Zik Grant

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“Wickedness increase! Deh cover dem sell off!”

— Ricky Joseph

“I need to link up with you caz I like it.More Quality to the thing.You cyan do wonders for me.I try ah little thing but im not ah professional like you..”

— Steve SelektaGeneral Chris


— Lee Sims

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— Stacey N. Greene

“You always do a fab job!!!”

— QueenSheba Twosixeight

“You always produce very good work….”

— Ebonee De Boss

“Hey, I never did commend you and yours for the job done on the…what I think was the “EXPELL PARTY” poster. Jus the detailing alone, the chalk board, the chalk font, among other small but significant touches was impressive.”

— Garfield Alexander

“Mad skills”

— Carleen James


— Garfield Hodge

“Great artwork – didnt realise u were doing my artwork but am please. A job well done”

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“Nice Work”

— Alethea Unleashingmypotential Clarke

“Are you normal with these designs, DAMN YOUR GOOD lol”

— Dr-Jermaine Hendrickson